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10 Hair Mistakes To Avoid

There are 3 main ways to be healthy.

The first way is to cure your sickness if you have one. The second is to prevent sickness by strengthening yourself. The third and most basic, avoiding anything that may cause you to get sick. The same three concepts apply to everything. Total body health. Mental health. And hair health!

Sometimes we get lost in the noise of hair advice and forget to get down to the basics, to avoid the factors that damage hair. In this article. We will talk about 10 of the common mistakes people make that damage their hair.

1) Thinking that hair products are enough.

Some products are designed to repair while the other products are made for protection. But if your hair is constantly exposed to damage (whether you know it or not), you can still end up with nagging hair issues.

2) Not thinking about hair care in your diet.

Your hair is a part of your body and is actually alive before it pokes out of your skin. As such, its growth and health relies on the nutrients it feeds on from your blood. Having a healthy diet helps make hair vibrant and healthy from the inside and it shows on the outside. Food which are good for hair include oily fish such as salmon, egg yolk, celery and cucumber. That said, it’s nearly impossible to get the nutrients you need for your hair from food alone. Our HairTru Hair Nourishing vitamins make up for that. Try them —> HERE

3) Not complementing all efforts with vitamins.

The foods mentioned above, along with a number of other food items, are good for hair because of the vitamins and nutrients they contain. A few of these effective vitamins that are amazing for hair include Biotin and Omega-3. However, sometimes, it is difficult to plan your diet with foods that are rich in nutrients for your hair. Actually, even if you do have these foods regularly, it’s likely you still aren’t getting the proper amounts of these vitamins to make an impact. The best option is to accompany all your hair care efforts with supplements containing these vitamins and nutrients, like our HairTru Hair Nourishing vitamins. 

4) Using too much shampoo.

Of course, it’s basic step to wash and keep our hair clean, but shampooing it everyday can be very damaging. It can lead to excessive dryness which makes hair tough, rough and unattractive. In addition, avoid shampooing you hair too aggressively as this can cause scratching and damage.

5) Applying conditioner on your scalp.

Instead of using shampoo everyday, it’s a good idea to alternate between conditioner and shampoo daily. Be careful not to apply conditioner on the scalp though, as it clears the natural oils produced by your hair. As an effect, the glands tend to produce more oil leaving the scalp excessively oily.

6) Brushing wet hair.

Wet hair is very delicate and can be prone to more damage. Exactly why it’s also not recommended to brush wet hair. If it is really needed, do so gently with combs with wide teeth. 

7) Rigorously drying hair with a towel.

In addition, drying your hair by rubbing it with a towel roughly can also cause damage. A good idea is to get a few microfiber towels. First, pat off any excess water and wrap your towel around your hair for additional drying. This will ensure that as your hair dries, while keeping the moisture it needs.

8) Your dryer is on full blast.

It’s common knowledge that dryers and similar items for hair cause damage, but it is a huge help when it comes to styling. Some people just rely on repairing products to compensate for the damage but another helpful way to minimize the damage is to use less heat. You will still get the same result in style without the excess damage of applying too much heat on your hair.

9) Being unfaithful to your stylist.

We recommend having just one stylist who knows you, knows your style and preferences, and knows your hair. Your stylist can always help you on what is best for your hair. You won’t be able to get that level of connection if you are the type to just move from one stylist to another. And when you’ve picked that one good stylist for you, be sure to visit them regularly. Even if you are growing your hair, we recommend paying them a visit every 8-10 weeks just to trim off the ends and maintain the style and shape you want.

10) Not adjusting to your surroundings.

Hair is also greatly impacted by your surroundings, so pay attention to the weather conditions and your hair’s reaction to it. During winter, for example, you may want to switch to a moisturizing conditioner to help your hair adjust to the drying air. Or during the summer, you may want to start wearing a hat or bringing an umbrella to avoid direct heat from the sun.

There are numerous ways to care for your hair but the most basic and the least costly of them is to avoid making the mistakes that can cause hair damage.

Still looking for an effective and convenient solution? Try HairTru hair nourishing vitamins! They’ll give your hair the boost it needs to be long, and healthy.


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