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8 Tips For Healthy Hair

Of all our anatomy, hair is the one body part that doesn’t seem to have have a direct function.

It doesn’t directly help you do anything you normally do on a daily basis. It doesn’t really protect you from anything. You cut it off when it gets too long or even get rid of it when it shows up in unwanted places. But we take so much time and effort (and money) in taking care of it. Why?

Because of what it gives us, confidence. Hair has the power to make you look and feel beautiful, attractive, confident and even powerful. On the other hand, it can also give you frustration and insecurity if you aren’t happy with it. It may not have a direct function but it has a very valuable purpose. The purpose to make you happy.

That is why in this article, we want to show you 8 simple tips you can do to ensure you have healthy hair to help you exude the confidence you need to bring out your beautiful personality!

1) Eat the right food for your hair.

Hair forms beneath the skin’s surface, and actually starts as a living part of your body. It dies the moment it pokes out of our skin. For this reason, the nutrients from the food you eat is vital to your hair’s growth. Vitamins and nutrients that contribute to healthier hair include Biotin (an ingredient found in numerous hair products and can be found in egg yolks), omega-3 (which can be found in oily fish especially in salmon), vitamin B (popularly found in avocados which we will mention again later in this article) and vitamin C (which can be found much more abundantly in yellow peppers than in oranges believe it or not).

2) Take quality vitamins like these.

It is difficult (actually, nearly impossible) to stick to a strict diet just to take in the vitamins and nutrients needed to have healthy hair. In addition, your body might not absorb enough of the nutrients to have an effect. As such, it is best to complement all your efforts by taking in these vitamins in supplement form. Examples of this include multivitamins and fish oil. However, to help ensure that the vitamins you take are indeed helpful for healthy hair, take vitamins that are specifically made for hair, like HairTru Hair Nourishing Vitamins.

3) Wash it regularly.

As with anything in this world, the most basic way to maintain it and look after it is to wash and clean it. Our hair gets exposed to different elements like dust and pollution, and regularly washing it keeps dirt from building up and causing damage. Use shampoo your hair reacts well to and one that resolves any issues you might want to address – such as hair fall or dandruff. Be careful not to wash it too much since it could lead to dry hair. Also, avoid rubbing the hair too hard to avoid causing breakage. Be gentle with it.

4) Compliment it with regular conditioning.

Conditioning the hair helps with a number of things including making your hair shinier, keeping it protected and keeping it moisturized. Apply it to your hair, but not your scalp because it might lead to your scalp being excessively oily. It is also a good idea to use a conditioner with the same brand as your shampoo since they were made to complement each other.

5) Try to dry it naturally.

Wet hair is delicate so treat it with care to avoid damage and breakage. If possible and if time permits, dry it naturally. Pat the excess water with a towel instead of rubbing a towel on your hair. When brushing your hair, try not to do so harshly and avoid doing it right after your bath.

6) Treat it from time to time.

There are many things you can do to treat your hair. The most exciting option would probably be going to a beauty salon for one of their professional treatments. There are also numerous products on the market you can buy and apply on your own from the comfort of your own home. But you need not spend a lot to get the treatment you want. You can actually do simple but effective hair masks using ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. A famous ingredient used for homemade skin and hair treatments is avocado. Go online and search some recipes and check which among them you can start doing today.

7) Avoid doing damage to it.

This is a basic rule for anything that has to be taken care of. Examples of things you can avoid would be hair products with harsh chemicals and tying your hair too tightly. However, this general rule is easier said than done because some things we do that damage our hair are actually things that we need to do. Like using a hair dryer or going out into the sun. In these cases, it’s best to just limit whatever possible damage these might do. For example, dry your hair after patting it dry and after you’ve done everything else to prepare for the day. You can also limit the effects of the sun’s heat by trying to avoid direct sunlight by wearing a hat or using an umbrella.

8) Repair.

Finally, if you really can’t get rid of the damage, compliment it with repair. If you often need to use curling irons or straighteners which gives your hair excess heat causing the damage, be sure to use a gentle hair product made to repair the damage caused by these items.

All that said, giving your hair the nutrients it needs to be long and healthy is the best step you can take. Our HairTru Hair Nourishing Vitamins do just that! They’ll not only help you grow your dream hair, but will keep it thick and healthy.


Feb 08, 2018 • Posted by Lisa

I want my money back. This is a freaking joke. You took 103 still out when I sent the others back

Feb 06, 2018 • Posted by Kylarri Wright

I absolutely love it,only have 2 bottles but I hope my hair grows to the length I would it.Finally! I was so relieved when I received these vitamins and so far so good ladies.♥️

Jan 24, 2018 • Posted by Melanie Logue

I want to say that I started off with this company about a year and half ago. I was super happy with results of my hair now I don’t need it anymore. I’ve contacted these people 4 separate times to cancel my subscription and have gotten no response and just received an email saying they’re sending out my next shipment!!! I just to make women aware that this company is unprofessional in my eyes now and hopefully they listen to what I have to say.

Nov 13, 2017 • Posted by Cathey Barfoot

Do you require me to recieve these monthly or can i purchase just one or three months when i need it.Been robbed blind by companies that keep sending products at enormous prices and cost way top much to send back.So before I order reassure me that fine print is not there.Thank you

Oct 17, 2017 • Posted by Michelle Mackie

Hi im just wondering if your product will help me im lossing my hair right at the front and top of my head you can see my head through my hair its getting that thin. I dont know what else to try. Ive done the regrowth shampoos and rub in foam but hasnt really help
Thanks Michelle

Oct 12, 2017 • Posted by Kelly cataline

This stuff is amazing, I’ve tried every vitamin there is, I literally look and feel like I have new hair

Oct 12, 2017 • Posted by Kelly cataline

This stuff is amazing, I’ve tried every vitamin there is, I literally look and feel like I have new hair

May 11, 2017 • Posted by Lauren Robinson

Can I see results specifically after one month use?

Feb 27, 2017 • Posted by Minyu Fallin

I just ordered one for three months set product, and I got two discount code HAIR10 and FLASH20, I tried to use both, but it didn’t work, so I wonder if I can just use either one code?

Feb 21, 2017 • Posted by janeth

does it really work and when do you notice and change of your hair

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