Natural Hair Vitamins for Hair Growth

You might be asking yourself why you should choose natural hair growth vitamins for hair growth instead of artificial chemicals/products. After all, these products are scientifically created and therefore superior, right?

Not quite.

Many scientific studies have shown that the minerals and vitamins we need to promote healthy hair growth are best absorbed when ingested through food.

As a result, many people choose natural vitamin supplements instead of oils, creams, and other hair care products that may also contain vitamins and minerals.

There is a midpoint that is ideal for all things in life, and hair growth/health are no different: some hair growth vitamins are best obtained from food sources, while others, for many people, should be taken in supplement form.

Still, there are people who believe that products labeled ‘natural’ are ineffective – and that a product that is chemically produced or altered must be superior.

(In other words, chemicals are good for you.)

How to Grow My Natural Hair?

The sale of hair-care products is a nearly $2 billion industry, with the lion’s share of the proceeds going to big pharmaceutical companies.

Consumers can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy ‘revitalizing’ shampoos from salons – and many do – but the sad truth is, many of these products are essentially snake oil in scientific-looking packaging.

These products are designed to boost the salon’s bottom line – but are they really helping to grow your hair?

Pricey salon shampoos are often sold in a fancy bottle and have an appealing smell. They typically have a label filled with chemicals – as if the chemicals are the selling point. Many, however, offer little positive influence on your hair. Instead of nourishing your hair and allowing it to grow to its fullest potential, the artificial chemicals used in most beauty products can often cause damage, and can actually be detrimental to hair growth.

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The HairTru Difference!

Extensive research was completed on every hair health ingredient put into the new Advanced HairTru hair vitamins, to ensure your body receives the highest-quality vitamins needed to nourish your hair at the healthiest and fastest rate possible.

New Advanced HairTru natural hair growth vitamins will change the overall health of your hair, making your hair healthy and strong. When your hair is at its healthiest, it will grow naturally, at its fullest potential.

Many users of HairTru hair vitamins experience doubling or more of their normal hair growth rate each month.

Still not convinced natural hair vitamins can grow your hair? Read our testimonials page and listen to what customers from all over the world have to say.